Welcome to the Disabilities section of Cleape.com. Here you will learn about the primary mental health disabilities diagnosed in children. This is clinically accurate information written by licensed psychologists. However, please keep the following in mind as you read:

First, we have not met your child and have no way of knowing if the symptoms described here are relevant to your child’s situation and needs. Thus, of course, nothing on this site serves as a diagnosis. See the Where to go for help section of each article for a list of professionals who can diagnose or make a referral.

Second, this is not intended to be an exhaustive guide. Rather, these articles are intended to be broad descriptions that will help point parents in the right direction. The purpose of the articles here is to acquaint you with the types of disabilities psychologists consider when specific symptoms arise.

Throughout this website, you have been learning about specific symptoms. Perhaps, the term General Anxiety kept coming up under the Potential Disabilities section within the symptom articles. In that case, the Anxiety Disorders article here will help you understand what anxiety disorders look like and how to find out if your child may have one. Each article includes specific types of specialists you might consult if your child has a disorder of this nature, interventions that may help, and links to articles on this website that could help you understand the symptoms better. If, as you click on each of the related articles, you keep finding that those symptoms indeed appear to apply to your child, then you may want to seek out help for that particular issue.

For example, you might click on anxiety, social anxiety, rigidity, bossy behavior, and phobias.  If you find that all of these are relevant, your child may need help for an anxiety related problem. At this point, you can choose to get a live consultation or customized profile from the licensed psychologists at CLEAR, or click on other symptom articles to learn more about your child’s needs and obtain relevant books and resources to help.