August 23, 2018

How Do You Find a Psychologist?

For a long time, psychologists were expected to treat clients only within the state that the psychologist and the client reside and/or have an office.

For example, let’s say a psychologist lived in Ohio but practiced in Pennsylvania. He or she would need a Pennsylvania license but may also have an Ohio license for consultations in that state.

A psychologist could petition to a state board to practice in a nearby state, even without that state’s license, for up to 30 days per calendar year.

With the popularity and growth of telepsychology, clients wish to seek services from providers in other states.

In turn, providers wish to help clients no matter where they live. Some states have more rural areas, and it may be hard for a family to find a provider with expertise that they need.

The Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards or ASPPB is working to create an E-Passport, which will allow states to accept interstate credentials for practice without a long credentialing process. This E-Passport will make sure that families and individuals can seek services quickly and without hassle and that providers are skilled and maintain appropriate licensure.

For now, an Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate or IPC allows psychologists to practice in 7 states for 30 days per calendar year without seeking special permission from the state board.

Currently, an additional 6 states are passing or have passed legislation accepting interstate practice from clinicians who meet stringent criteria as a psychologist. When additional states pass this legislation the E-Passport will become active legislation and be available for psychologists to apply.

Where can CLEAR Child Psychology offer services?

We each have an Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate (IPC) from the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards (ASPPB).

At this time, based on the laws of interstate practice, CLEAR Child Psychology can offer services to clients who reside in the following IPC states. We expect that this list will grow quickly to include other states and jurisdictions as the E-Passport legislation moves forward.

These states have agreed to interstate practice for 30 days per calendar year without first requiring a psychologist to petition the board. If you or family/friends reside in one of these states, reach out for consultation, CLEAR Child Psychology can help!

Services can be scheduled easily and quickly to meet your needs. We hold licenses in Colorado and Dr. Kroncke also holds a Georgia license meaning that we have more freedom to practice for an unlimited amount of time in these states. With the IPC we can also work for 30 days per year in:

  • Georgia
  • Idaho
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • New Hampshire
  • Ohio
  • South Carolina

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