July 19, 2018


Is your child not sleeping?

If your child isn’t getting a solid night’s rest, chances are you aren’t either.

But what can you do?

Information abounds for parents of babies and toddlers who are not sleeping through the night.

But what about for parents of 8-year-olds, 10-year-olds, middle schoolers, and high school kids?

Where can we turn for help?

When one child in the home is not sleeping, it can wreak havoc on the whole family.

You may be bleary-eyed and exhausted. Your other kids may be grouchy and short-tempered. Your kids may be falling asleep in language arts class.

It can all start because one family member just can’t seem to get any Zzzzz’s.

Turn to www.cleape.com, a free mental health framework for parents and professionals.

Written by licensed clinical psychologists, www.cleape.com guides families to the resources needed to get help for their kids!


You will find no ads, no pop-ups. Just free, reliable, and accessible information.

Check out the Sleep Problems page to help your child (and the rest of the family!) get some rest.


Need some guidance in moving forward? Not sure what to do next?

CLEAR Child Psychology can help.

From the authors of CLEAPE, based in Colorado, CLEAR is a primarily web-based clinical psychology practice making clinical expertise accessible and reliable (CLEAR).

CLEAR launched this summer with the mission to help 1 million families take a clear leap forward and find the right help for their kids’ mental health, developmental and educational needs.

Call or email CLEAR today to schedule a web-based consultation with the licensed clinical psychologists who developed www.cleape.com.

Consultations can be scheduled quickly, sometimes within the same day. The cost is $99 for an hour of personalized time with experts focused on helping your family succeed.

CLEAR can help. Receive expert strategies and direction to resources for your child quickly and from the comfort of your own home.

CLEAR Child Psychologists can help you with strategies and resources to help your child get some Zzzzz’s!

And that’s something we can all rest easy about!

Call: 303-222-7923

Email: dr.harrison@clearchildpsychology.com

Website: www.clearchildpsychology.com



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