Welcome to the Tests section of the Cleape.com site. Here you will learn about the types of tests that psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, or other professionals may conduct to evaluate the specific symptoms addressed on this site. For example, within the Understanding area, you will see a list of valid IQ tests. These tests are the most widely recognized measures of intelligence currently being utilized by psychologists. The purpose here is to educate and inform consumers about reliable psychological evaluations.

For example, if you clicked on a lot of concerns in the Moving and Sensing area, you may need a motor test for your child. If your concerns are in the Communicating area, you may need a speech or language test for your child. This is not intended to be an exhaustive list.

For each type of test, there are multiple alternative assessments that the clinician may choose. However, you are now informed about the types of tests that are appropriate based on the needs you identified on this site.

The purpose of this part of the Cleape site is to familiarize parents with the assessment process and help you find the right type of evaluation for your child. At this point, you have two potential options that may help.

First, learn more by clicking on any of the symptom articles under any of the 11 areas (Behaving, Communicating, Daily Living, etc.). Within these articles, you will learn about the evaluation that you may need and the tests that may be conducted for each.

Alternatively, you can click on the CLEAR child psychology link to be directed to a licensed psychologist who can provide a live consultation or customized profile of the concerns you have identified for your child. This information can save valuable time and money; and most importantly, get your child the type of interventions that are needed as soon as possible. Early intervention is the key to much of the positive outcomes we see in mental health. If you can get a quality evaluation and begin targeted, appropriate interventions, you have put your child in the best position to navigate these challenges, overcome many difficulties, and ultimately find success and happiness.