July 26, 2018

Toilet Training Trouble?

Just the mention of toilet training brings anxiety and exhaustion to the minds of many parents.

Toddlers are stubborn. They are still developing emotion regulation skills. They are still developing coordination and body awareness.

Toilet training can be a nightmare for some children.

In other instances, children may have learning or developmental needs that lead to further delays in toilet training.

Whether your child is 3 or 7 years old, toilet training can be hard and stressful.

You may feel tied to your kitchen or backyard because going anywhere means a messy accident and lots of judging eyes.

What can you do?

Turn to www.cleape.com, a free mental health framework for parents and professionals.

CLEAPE provides useful information on toilet training, authored by developmental psychologists who work with typically developing and developmentally delayed children.

Most children can learn to use the toilet, even children with delayed language or very rigid behavior.

These articles may help parents navigate the challenging task of toilet training.



Need some guidance in moving forward? Not sure what to do next?

CLEAR Child Psychology can help.

From the authors of CLEAPE, based in Colorado, CLEAR is a primarily web-based clinical psychology practice making clinical expertise accessible and reliable (CLEAR).

CLEAR launched this summer with the mission to help 1 million families take a clear leap forward and find the right help for their kids’ mental health, developmental and educational needs.

Call or email CLEAR today to schedule a web-based consultation with the licensed clinical psychologists who developed www.cleape.com.

Consultations can be scheduled quickly, sometimes within the same day. The cost is $99 for an hour of personalized time with experts focused on helping your family succeed.

CLEAR can help. Receive help for your child quickly and from the comfort of your own home.

CLEAR Child Psychologists can help you with strategies and resources to help your child use the toilet!

Call: 303-222-7923

Email: dr.harrison@clearchildpsychology.com

Website: www.clearchildpsychology.com

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